Sri Shiridi Sai Gayatri Mahamantra - Om Shirdi Vasaya Vidmahe Sarva Siddischa Dhimahi Thanno Sai Prachodayath. Happy Dussehra
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Viswa Sai Dwarakamai San Diego Volunteering

Sai Ram, With the divine blessings of Almighty Sai Nath Maharaj: our VSD San Diego members and other volunteers, have all together have done great service at the food bank. We pack a lot of fruits, vegetables, and other food in to boxes and bags which accounts to a great amount of meals for the poor. Service to humanity is service to god.

Viswa Sai Dwarakamai Chalivendram, May 15th, 2018

Sai Ram, Sai Bhandhus, Man has become so selfish that he does not care for others, or anything other than his own welfare . . . One who constantly thinks of his own body, his own family, his own wealth and his own comfort is truly a selfish man. The only way to cleanse such a hard-hearted man is through service to humanity. God is the embodiment of compassion. He watches for a grain of goodness or humility so that He can reward it with tons of grace. Deserve the grace of God by helping the weak and the poor, the diseased and the downtrodden. Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray. -Sri Saibaba Hats off to the Viswa Sai Dwarakamai volunteers for the great Seva 🙌🏻 Sri Sai Upasak🌹 🌹 Viswa Sai Dwarakamai🌹 🌹 Sri Sai Parabrahma ki Jai🌹 🌹 🙏Live in Sai Tathva - Sri Sai Lives in You🙏

Viswa Sai Sammelanam July 1st 2nd 2017

My love embraces the animal kingdom as well as the human kingdom and so should yours……….it should not just be limited to human beings.
-Shirdi Sai Here we goo with the little efforts of us to see the smiles in the face of the real needy ones who were hungry and the next what a day spending with a wonderful team mates feeding cows & showing love. 

Jai Gomatha   Viswa Sai Dwarakamai trust most awaiting event has come Sai Maha Utsav which is going on right now in USA. Our founder Laxmoji Ventrapragada garu is great inspiration for every aspect of all these activities. With Baba's blessings we initiated with Spirituality, Social service and world peace as per our Sai's Tatwa. Today what we did is a part of the ViswaSai Sammelanam   Baba's Seva is addicted we continue to follow the path forever 🙏🏻 Thanks to Serve Needy & Goutham garu and all the volunteers  Our Sai Bhandhus Bhasker garu, Chamundeswari garu, Gayathri garu, Akshara, Rupak participated in this activities. Very supportive team :)  Jai Sai Ram ❤️

On the special occasion of Founder's birthday May 6th 2017- Served Real Hunger

Sai Ram, Sai Bhandhus Pranamams With filled inspiration of Gurugaru Laxmoji, viswasai team has taken up the annadanam activity and has been successfully running with serve the needy team. On the occasion of Laxmoji garu Birthday, team has taken up annadanam seva here at hyderabd. Here are the pictures of the seva. "Manava seve madhava seva" Thanks to Serve Needy for the support and all the volunteers who took part of it. Jai Sai Ram Vani Baba ki Jai We have served the most needy people. Happiness is limitless when it comes to feed an empty tummy. Surprise for our Viswa Sai Dwarakamai founder 😇🙏🏻 Thanks to Sai baba and gurugaru for giving us such opportunity🙏🏻 Tears just wouldn't stop when needy people eyes show the happiness of the service. Jai Viswa Sai Dwarakamai

Mathaji Krishna Priya

Shirdi Sai Nagara Sankeerthana on Jan 15th 2017

Shiridi Sai Global Summit Dec 2016

Nov 12th 2016: Sai Gayathri Maha Mantra Unison Chanting

Sai Gayathri Event 2016 Annadan (Food to real hunger)

Volunteering for Second Harvest Food Bank on October 22nd 2016

Feeding Birds & Squirrels

Baba's miracles at Viswa Sai Dwarakamai Families

Shirdi Sai Rama Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham (Oct 15th 2016)

Shirdi Sai Rama Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham is a Divine and blissful event performed by Sri Sai Upasak Laxmoji Ventrapragada on Oct 15th 2016 US, Canada & India at a time via Live TV. Sri Sai Bhagwan blessed us by materializing divine Vibhudi having fragrance.

Guru Pournami -2016 (Guru Meri Pooja, Guru Govinda, Guru Meri ParaBrahma)

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Mahaeshwara! Guru Satkshat Para Brahma Thasmysri Sai Gurave Namaha!

Shirdi Sai Gayatri Maha Mantra Unison Chanting -2015 (USA, Canada, India) and Sri Sai Viswa Shanti Homam

For World Peace and Human well being follwed by Feeding the Hunger.

Volunteering for Second Harvest Food Bank Org

Feeding Animals

Food for hunger on 09/25/2016 in St. James Park, California

Plantations 2016

Plantations -2016 at various location

Food for hunger on May 1st 2016

Feeding of Hunger ( Annadanam)

Sri Sai Rama Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham - 2006 to 2015

Shiri Sai Rama Satyanarayana Vratham

Viswa Sai Sammelanam - 4th World Summit (Dec 24th - Dec 26, 2015)

Viswa Sai Sammelanam held on Dec 24th, 2015 to Dec 26th, 2015 with many devotees in Sanjose, Evergreen, California.