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Guru Vanamma

(July 12, 1935 to June 29, 2013, resided in Hyderabad)

hails from a village called Poranki (4 miles from Vijayawada, AP) and was born on Friday July 12, 1935 in an orthodox Brahmin family as Ms. Vani Swarna Prasoona.. Since childhood days, she gained bhakti, divine knowledge with her dedicated effort for search and exertion (Sodhana and Sadhana). Sri Kanaka Durga, the mother of universe is their family deity. Recognizing her spiritual practices and worshipping qualities at a very tender age, her Guru, Sri Simhaalu, resident of Saluru gave her initiation with Mantra Deeksha. Since then, Sri Vaanamma observed a complete fast invariably on every Tuesday to seek blissful blessings of Goddess, Sri Kanakadurga.

Vanamma was married to Sri Codur Bhaskar, the resident of Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. Amma was blessed with a daughter Mrs. Soujanya and a grandson Chi. Naga Sai Sriharsha. She was traditional, knowledgeable, humorous, kind, short spoken and disciplined. Her speech was always meaningful and had a hidden meaning. She likes mangos, guava (jama), dates, dry fruits, eggplant curry, pakodis, and gulab jamun. She treats all her devotees like her children and devoted her whole life to council them by finding solutions through social networks and spiritual support.

Guru Vannamma’s initiation into Guru Shishya Sampradayam

Sri Vanamma had darshan of Sri Satya Sai of Puttaparthi on 13th March, 1976 for the first time and started praying him. Although visited, she was agianst worshipping Sri Shirdi Sai because of the turban on his head. On insistence of her sister-in-law, she had attended Shirdi Sai’s pooja at the residence of Smt. Rama Devi, another staunch disciple of Sri Shirdi Saibaba.

She had offered a flower garland (made of Jaaji) to Satya Sai’s photo on that day before she started from home. Miraculously, the garland hanged upon Satya Sai’s photo at Sri Vanamma’s house was received and acknowledged by Shirdi Sai. This was announced in midst of devotees by Sri Ramadevi as instructed by Shirdi Sai himself in his own words that “the Jaaji flowers garland offered by Vanamma had reached him”. Consequently, Sri Vanamma came to be a firm believer and strong devotee of Sri Shirdi Sai from that moment. Smt Rama Devi has asked Vanamma to read the Shiridi Sai’s sacred epic regularly, which will answer all questions and doubts about Sri Shridi Saibaba. Vanamma with a dedicated mind read the sacred epic written by Shri Ekkirala Bharadwaja daily as “Pavitra Nitya Parayana Grandham” and felt the abodely happiness. Since then Vanamma with the blessings of Shiridi Saibaba, was able to visualize the future events, gained spiritual perfection, and had regained all memories from her previous births.

On October 5, 1982, Tuesday, Amma suddenly started hearing a sound of Conch (Shanku Nadam) in her ears and had the vision (darshan) of Shri Shiridi Sai Baba and heard the voice of Shirdi Sai Baba with in herself. Shirdi Sai Baba told her "Your birth is not for merely enjoying the unalloyed Bliss of the self, but for comforting suffering humanity. Therefore, worship me in the hearts of all beings and relieve them from the sufferings of worldly existence. I am blessing you with the Power of Speech (vaak shakthi) to extricate, heal, resolve and relieve all those who are in dire need." Accordingly Sri Vanamma has been rendering her selfless services for the mankind from last 26 years. She has guided moulded, rectified and rescued innumerable people.

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