Viswa Sai Dwarakamai Service on Surplus Food Donation to
Needy Program Via Viswa Sai "Daan" App


Feeding the hungry is equal to feeding God. Humanity is Divinity. Your kindness ignites others’ life as meaningful. While our service would benefit others, it will also help us in our path of self-realization. Engage yourselves in social service as service to God, a best way to earn God’s love and benediction.

What is Daan?

DAAN/DAANA (Devanagari: दान) is a Sanskrit and Pali word (Indian Languages) that connotes the virtue of generosity, charity or any form of giving of alms in Indian philosophies. It is alternatively transliterated as daana.

Dana is the practice of cultivating generosity. It can take the form of giving to an individual in distress or need. It can also take the form of philanthropic public projects that empower and help many with utmost care, love and respect to words needy people.

The Gods have not ordained hunger to be our death: even to the well-fed man comes death in varied shape, the riches of the liberal never waste away, while he who will not give finds none to comfort him.

How Does Surplus Food Get Wasted?

Around one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted Across the world. Nearly, 1/3rd of total food is being wasted. Almost 1 billion people are hungry in worldwide. The surplus food can be fed 4 times of all hungry people in the world which is equal to 4 billion people. On the other hand, around 1.5 billion people in the entire world are overweight and 400 million are obese.

Most of the food being produced worldwide is lost either being wasted or during the production or marketing. In cases of restaurants, food handlers do not have proper training in minimizing the food being wasted. Also, the food harvested in farms are not all being brought to supermarkets due to lack of transportation or cosmetic criteria. Most of the food getting wasted due to lack of storage facilities, overcooking, plate waste, over purchasing and spoilage, and weather conditions.

  • Roughly one third of the food produced (approximately 1.3 billion tones) in the world for human consumption every year gets lost or wasted.
  • Food losses and waste amounts to roughly US$ 680 billion in industrialized countries and US$ 310 billion in developing countries.
  • Fruits and vegetables, plus roots, cooked food and tubers have the highest wastage rates of any food.

SAI DAAN – A Mobile Application Platform for Charity

Leveraging technological evolution, Viswa Sai Dwarakamai, an non-profit spiritual and charity organization, aims to serve the society via e-platform by encouraging charity and bringing awareness among the people to feed the hungry or help the needy or orphanages directly either in the form of cash or kind by donating surplus food and needy items as listed with a mission to mitigate hunger, malnutrition and food-wastage through Web Site www.viswasaidwarakamai or Food App "Viswa Sai DAAN".

With a wide network of like-minded individuals, philanthropists and community organizations, we are happy to launch a wonderful mobile app called "Viswa Sai Daan" which will support in distributing food or needy items as listed in the website to those who really need them.

Mission of “Viswa Sai Daan” App involves –

  • First and foremost, donate surplus food to feed the hungry, which is feeding of “GOD”
  • Donating non- perishable needy items as listed (example - cloths, consumables, rice, groceries, blankets, education books etc.) to the real needy/charities/orphanages.
  • Connecting interested individual donor or group of donors directly to charity associations or orphanages donating/receiving food or other non-perishable needy items at different establishments meeting demand (want) and supply(fulfilment).
  • Allowing the Donor to choose the type of charity one intends to donate cash via online to Viswa Sai national bank account to help the needy or Kind as per the list (food, plate meals, clothes etc.,).
  • Buying food and feeding the hungry from the online cash donations made by interested donors.
  • Viswa Sai Dwarakamai organization is not going to maintain any physical facility/premises to hold any of the stocks until unless decided. However, interested Donors can have stocks at their facility and owns responsibility till donated to the real Needy by them or by trusted volunteer from sign-up.
  • With a kind heart, donate and help the people in need.

The mobile application is in development stage and expected to be launched in 2020.

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