Sai Upasak Laxmoji Garu’s core philosophy that forms the basis of Viswa Sai Dwarakamai seva activities is “God’s benediction and blessings are like a coin. Spiritual inclination is like the “head” side of the coin whereas serving all living creatures is like the “tail” side of the same coin. According to Shri Laxmoji Garu only if both sides are in equal balance the value of the coin is complete and mankind would be graced by God’s love and benediction.

In line with this core philosophy that the path of self-realization is through devotion (Bhakti) coupled with Service (Seva), Viswa Sai Dwarakamai family is involved in various Seva activities related to Annadanam.

A journey begins…

In 2016, collaborating with “Serve Needy NGO for Annadaatha Project” a not for profit charitable organization based out of Hyderabad, Viswa Sai Dwarakamai donated an air conditioned van to preserve food that is distributed to the poor by Annadatha across the city of Hyderabad.

A new idea takes shape; Annadanam (Feed the Hungry) Corpus Fund is established:

In 2018, Viswa Sai Dwarakamai created a “corpus” fund where donations from various Sai Sevaks are being accumulated and interest from this corpus fund is being used to offer “Nitya Annadanam” at identified orphanages, and homes for destitute and old people.

First initiative of Nitya Annadanam (Feed the Hungry) :

Its first initiative of Nitya Annadanam (daily feeding) is being implemented at “Adarsha Foundation Children’s Home” in Hyderabad wherein 42 kids are being provided with their daily meal intake from the interest accrued on the corpus deposit.

Koti Sai Gayatri and Koti Roti Annadanam, a unique initiative to spread spirituality and inculcate the concept of Annadanam:

“Koti Sai Gayatri and Koti Roti Annadanam” is a unique initiative that is being evangelized and spread across the world under the auspices of Viswa Sai Dwarakamai wherein Sai Sevaks and devotees across the globe chant Sri Shirdi Sai Gayatri Mahamantra every year around the month of Kartik and donate food to various living creatures including human beings, birds, animals etc. This event is being successfully organized every year for the last 4 years (since 2015) and has grown each year. In 2018 coinciding with the centennial celebrations of Shirdi Sai Baba, the Shirdi Sai Gayatri Mahamantra was chanted 10 million times across the globe and close to 50,000 real needy where feed within a month. The vision is to scale this event year on year to reach an ambitious goal of feeding 10 million real needy every single day.

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